Inetz Email Support and Instructions:

Client Email Settings – Quick Reference

The following settings will need to be applied to your computer’s email setup:

  • SERVER TYPE: POP3 or IMAP is supported. If you choose POP3 then your messages will be downloaded to your computer. When using IMAP your messages are stored on the Inetz mail server (optimal for checking mail from multiple computers, but please be aware of your storage quota to keep mail from boucing).
  • OUTGOING MAIL SERVER (option 1): you can use the outgoing mail server of you current ISP, please check with them for proper settings
  • OUTGOING MAIL SERVER (option 2): MAIL.INETZ.COM, also check the option to turn on ‘Outgoing Mail Server Authentication’ using the same username and password, and ‘Outgoing mail(SMTP) requires a secure SSL connection’. If you are using Thunderbird as your mail client, then select TLS under the mail server security settings. The default outgoing SMTP port listed will be 25, this is generally fine, however, some ISPs will block this port as a spam pervention measure. If your outgoing mail is still not sending, change this port to 465.

WebMail Access

You can securely access your email at anytime through a web browser by going to Your UserName is your full email address.

Changing Your Password, adding an auto-repsonder, or forwarding your mail

Log into WebMail (, then select ‘Options’ from the top menu. In this section you can change your password, setup email forwarding and auto responders.

Custom Domain Email Administration

For Domain Administrators, use the following link to add, remove, or edit email accounts and aliases:

Additional Support

If your questions cannot be answered from this page or you need additional support, please contact us at 801-415-2500.